106,405 applications for assets worth 2.5 trillion tenge have been received as of September 5, including legalized 2.2 trillion tenge, Kapital.kz reports. The committee, set up by local authorities and the State Revenue Office, received 102,993 declarations for the legalization of property located in the territory of Kazakhstan worth 1.5 trillion tenge. The list includes: 85,515 residential units worth 790 billion, 45,496 commercial buildings worth 247 billion tenge, 10,192 commercial properties worth 167 billion tenge, 61 shares in legal entities worth 7.6 billion tenge, securities worth 5.8 billion tenge. Also 99,200 objects and securities worth 795 billion tenge have been legalized. According to the National Bank of Kazakhstan, as of August 31, second-tier banks opened 3,033 accounts for the legalization of money totaling 1.5 trillion tenge (including 235.3 billion tenge transferred from abroad of which 1.5 trillion was withdrawn).

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