Russia resets the rates of export customs duties for certain types of fishery products in accordance with the obligations in connection with the accession to the WTO, Russian Fishery Agency reports. Therefore, fishing in Russia may rise to a record indicator in 16 years. ‘As a part of the Russian customs policy the country envisaged a phased zero export duties for four years (from 2012) on frozen fish from 5% to 0% and, crustacean from 10% to 0% and, for canned shellfish from 5% to 0%’ the statement said. The volume of deliveries of fish products from Russia totaled 980,200 tons in January-July 2016, which is 9.1% less than in the same period last year, Russian statistics agency reported. Frozen fish reaches 87.2%, fish fillets and other fish meat about 7.1%, crustaceans, molluscan and other aquatic invertebrates about 4.6% while the preserved fish products reach about 0.8%.






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