According to the Wall Street Journal, companies included in the Standard & Poor’s index 500 sent recordable since 2009 payment of 38% dividend of net profit during the year. In Q2 2016, 44 companies from the index paid annual dividend that exceed their net profit over the past 12 months, including pharmaceutical company Pfizer, aluminum giant Alcoa and, food manufacturer Kraft Heinz. Companies spend significant amounts on dividend and share buybacks to increase the value of its securities. Investors will also insist on making payments and, management companies will try do not disappoint them, in spite of the decline in profits. As a result, the dividend yield exceeds the yield the most on 10-year U.S. Government bonds in 2016. Apple holds the record for dividend payments in absolute terms and paid $12.5 billion to shareholders, where Exxon Mibol paid $12.4 billion and lagged behind with its rate.





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