In 2016, Kazakhstan’s refineries increased petrol production by 13.6% and diesel fuel production by 10.6%. After a decline by 29.4% in 2014 and by 15.8% in 2015, the positive trend in the first half of the year brings optimism back to industry. Pavlodar, Atyrau region and South Kazakhstan region are the leaders of the industry. Experts say that by the end of June, gasoline RON-92 prices highly rose by 15.7%. Prices for RON-95/96 increased year-on-year by 7.2%, RON-98 prices increased by 3.2%. RON -80 prices were up by 2.3%. Diesel fuel (summer) prices rose by an average of 2.8%. According to experts, the price of diesel fuel in Kazakhstan will probably be released to free floating.





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