Market of mobile banking in Kazakhstan - Kazakh TV

Mobile banking market in Kazakhstan is gaining momentum, and experts predict that within a few years, the growth in this segment of financial services will amount in the range of 30-40%. Experts called the Kazakhstanis’ passion to high-tech gadgets and a growing confidence in online commerce, as well as cashless payments among the main trends boosting this market.




Kazakhstan is among the top 8 countries in the number of active SIM cards per 100 people. We rank first in the CIS. Kazakhstan also enters top three in distribution of mobile broadband internet. Share of cashless payments increased from 10 to 15% in Kazakhstan. The growth of contactless payments totaled 60% compared to the same period last year. This concerns only Kazakhstan.


According to experts, Kazakhstan is also strong in the dynamics of the global indicators. More and more Kazakhstanis make purchases and payment transactions using mobile applications. Here, experts note users’ willingness for new products, focused on point solutions.




Telegram-bots, WhatsApp-bots, Facebook are now actively popular in the market, where people can easily transfer money to each other, regardless of whether they do it at the time when the bank is working, and other factors. Therefore, the whole world is moving towards further simplification of banking functions for people, it becomes even more convenient.


Today, only a few second-tier banks in Kazakhstan offer mobile banking services. Experts say that this year, the number of such services could increase by several times due to interest from Kazakhstanis, which are not afraid of new high-tech technologies.



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