First Credit Bureau presented an analysis of the mortgage market in Kazakhstan in the first half of the year. Since the beginning of the year, the total outstanding debt related to mortgage loans decreased by 0.7% and totaled 1.34 trillion tenge. The average debt per a borrower at the end of May amounted to 6.6 million tenge, having decreased from the beginning of the year by 3.3%. The average loan size for the period also decreased by 4.6% and amounted to 6.2 million tenge. The ratio of loans to the number of borrowers has increased slightly during the period and amounted to 1.06, credit load per borrower rose slightly compared with the results of 2015, the report says. Outstanding debt on mortgage loans in foreign currency by the end of May amounted to 380 billion tenge, having decreased in comparison with the beginning of the year by 7.9%. 





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