In recent years Kazakhstan has been a growing tourist destination point for foreigners. Some of them are strongly convinced that our country is a pearl of Central Asia and some of them declare that Kazakh eli is one of the most dynamically developing countries of the world. In this article we tried to collect foreign travelers’ reviews about our motherland, language, culture and traditions.




Alex and Marko Ayling are brothers from California who explores Kazakhstan in one of their videos. Brothers are known online as the Vagabrothers. They are award-winning travel videographers, photographers and writers – globally-engaged storytellers on a mission to explore planet by connecting with other young people and inspiring viewers to do the same.  Recently they are nominated as the “top 100 most influential travel bloggers worldwide” by the U.S. White House summit on global citizenship and cultural exchange.


“Kazakh music will blow your mind and the best way to learn about it by heading to the Kazakh Museum of Folk Musical Instruments”.





Travel blogger, content manager and photographer Sara Izzi and video maker Timur Tugalev from Italy have captured the beauty of Almaty region and have posted it to their «The Lost Avocado» online journal.


«From the futuristic sceneries of the glass skyscrapers of Almaty, former capital of Kazakhstan and the new Dubai of Central Asia, to the dreamy landscapes of Lake Issyk. From the Big Almaty lake, to Shymbulak, from Pik Talgar, the highest peak of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains, up to Charyn, a desert canyon of red rocks carved over the centuries from the rush of water during the ice age.
The majestic mountains of Kazakhstan, the turquoise alpine lakes which like crystal clear mirrors reflect a sky of dreams, the red arena of the deserts and the coral stones of the Charyn canyon, create a unique spectacle that not many people know about yet and that will leave you breathless».




A group of American skateboarders – Nestor Judkins, Gabriel Summers, Rob Wootton and Vladik Scholz – discover Kazakhstan by shooting a video about it. As it said on the Red-bull web-site, their skate trip through Kazakhstan starts in Astana, and they confirm that surreal-looking capital city is a great location for skateboarding.   “Futuristic buildings and plazas provide spots for days, and due to local traditions, its location and unique culture, this place feels like nowhere else in the world”. Tourists believe that after a few years Astana will be like a future Paris.  


“Astana is amazing for skating. Numerous Chinese-style perfect plazas mixed with rugged ex-Soviet spot, there are always a couple of options for where to go to next”.



«Heads and tails» is a popular travel show on Ukrainian and Russian TV channels. The rules are pretty simple: in the beginning of the program hosts throw up a coin and decide who is who. The one who wins is going to have no limits on his/her budget, the one who lose is to survive this trip on $100.






Author: Xeniya Pridatchenko

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