The brilliant actor and director, People's Artist of the USSR, the head of "Kazakhfilm" Shaken Aimanov accomplished many feats in the field of culture of our country. He set such a high bar in the movie sphere that is still no director can reach, experts say. Who is he - the author of popular comedies? What we do not know about him?


1. Shaken Aimanov was born on February 15, 1914 in Bayanaul. His father Kenzhetai Aimanov sang and played on the dombra. Brother Abdukarim became a financier, the younger brother Abdrahman was known as Kauken Kenzhetayev, an opera singer, actor and theater director.

2. After finishing a high school he entered the Pedagogical Institute in Semipalatinsk and became addicted to drama club, so he spent his free time at rehearsals and performances.


3. He was noticed by Gabit Musrepov on one of his performances, Gabit was looking for actors for the Kazakh Drama Theater at that moment. So Shaken goes to Alma-Ata.


4. His first love was a legendary dancer Shara Zhienkulova, but Shaken was married to her younger sister Khadisha, actress of the Kazakh Drama Theater.



5. He began his career in the Kazakh Drama Theatre and dedicated 20 years of his life to the art. Shaken started to work there as a young actor and then became the chief and art director.


6. Othello is a starring role of Shaken. He read monologue of Othello on the celebration of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare in London, and it was quite an event. For the first time great Shakespeare was sounded in the Kazakh language on stage of England.


7. In 1953 he moved from the theater to the cinema. «I love the theater, but it cannot cover as many viewers as the movie. The performance is staged in the same theater, in the best case – in a few. But a movie is watched by dozens of thousands».


8. In the "Beardless deceiver" film he acted as a co-writer, director and lead actor.


9. "Our dear doctor" comedy brought all-Union fame to him, and he has been revealed as a great film director and actor.


10. He was the legislator of the national cinematography. For example, Shaken was the first to use "cameo" in his film, the moment when the director introduces itself as an episode.


11. The script of "Angel in a skullcap" comedy was taken from life. One of his relatives Ainakul apa wanted to marry his younger son and was looking for a bride.


12. He never put policy above art. According to unofficial directive Soviet film had to defeat at the Moscow International Film Festival in 1963. The voices of jury were divided. The decisive voice was in a favor of the Italian Federico Fellini. And that decision belonged to the Shaken.


13. He liked to play chess between the shooting.


14. His kindness and honesty attracted attention from the most beautiful women and world stars. Shaken and his wife Khadisha couldn’t manage to keep the family together, they divorced after years of marriage.

15. During a visit to Cairo as a part of cultural exchange Shaken Aimanov led the Soviet delegation of filmmakers.


16. There was a dance competition at the first World Film Festival in Moscow. That was the first time dancing "Boogie Woogie". Shaken danced with the American film star Elizabeth Taylor and won the first place.

17. His son Murat is a talented operator. Together they made the film "Land of the Fathers".


18. Asanali Ashimov is Shaken Aimanov’s son in law. Daughter Mayra gave birth to two sons Madi and Sagi.


19. Shaken died on December 23, 1970 a week before the premiere of his film "The End of Ataman" under the wheels of a random car in the center of Moscow.

20. His daughter and son died in 1993, and six years later grandchildren Madi and Sagi passed away. Singer Dina Aymanova (daughter of Murat) is the only descendant of the great director.



Author: Aigul Aitmukhanova

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