A botanical garden has been opened in the capital dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Astana. Well-known scientists and leaders of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Germany, Italy and France participated in creation of a concept of a unique facility for the Eurasian space. According to experts, the botanical garden should be considered as a unique research base. Expositions such as ‘The Far East,’ ‘Siberia,’ ‘Europe’ and ‘The East Asia’ will be created here. In addition, disappearing genetic resources of the forest-steppe and new species of flora will be planted in the botanical garden.


 - Most importantly, it is a unique base for our scientists. They will master new molecular genetic methods and will also create new varieties of pasture and haymaking crops.


 - It is necessary to benefit from a geographical position of the Botanical garden. In addition to exotic plants, the garden’s highlight in Astana can be steppe flora in a broad sense. It can represent communities of Kazakhstan, but also of the entire Eurasia, as well as communities of other regions in the world. Why not try to create an exposition of the North American Prairie?

The total area of the Botanical Garden in Astana reaches 92 hectares. The cost of the project is estimated at 23 billion tenge, more than half of this amount belongs to private investments. The green facility will become a place of attraction for both tourists and residents of the capital. The botanical garden include children's courts, football, volleyball and basketball courts, tennis courts, running and biking trails as well as fountains. 95,000 trees have been planted in the garden. Two greenhouses and an artificial pond with an area of 45,000 square meters were built as well.

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