An exhibition dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Astana opened at the National Archive of Kazakhstan. The archival documents presented at the exhibition reflect the history of Astana. The exhibition features official documents from various archives related to the transition of the capital from Almaty to Astana and the further development of the Kazakh capital. According to the organizers, the exhibition items have a great historic significance as they contributed to the establishment and development of Astana. The exhibition visitors can see the original copies of Astana’s master plans of various years, documents on renaming of the capital and relocation of various Government entities. There are also various photographs that demonstrate how the image of Astana changed in 20 years.           


- Our documents will be preserved for centuries. I think that our descendants will be learning our documents with great interest, because I don’t know what other country built such capital in a short period of time. According to our colleagues, Astana is a phenomenon and our pride. The future generations will study the documents that will be useful for them. Our exhibition will last for a month. 

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