Over the next five years, 80 % of Government services can be accessed electronically - Kazakh TV

Development and implementation of digital technologies have become a global trend. New solutions play an increasingly important role in the development of economies. International experts forecasted that 25 per cent of the world economy will become digital by 2020. More than 15 countries today have adopted national strategies for the implementation of digital technologies in all areas. The Kazakh state program, Digital Kazakhstan is currently being implemented. It is developed based on the experiences of other modern countries.


 - On 2nd February 2018, Kazakhstan as part of the Eurasian Economic Union, hosted a forum in Almaty titled ‘Digital agenda in the era of globalization.’

Topics on digital economy were discussed at this forum. In May, the topics of digital transformation will be discussed at a panel discussion titled ‘Practice and Challenges of Public Administration in the Digital Era’ at the Global Challenges Summit 2018.

The main goal of the Digital Kazakhstan program is to accelerate the development of Kazakhstan’s economy and improve the quality of life of the population through the use of digital technologies. According to the program, the share of the IT sector in Kazakhstan’s gross domestic product (GDP) will be increased to five per cent in the next two years. 150, 000 new jobs will be created and the growth of labor productivity is estimated at 37 per cent. Important topics of the program include rural Internet, development of transit potential in Kazakhstan, as well as digital transformation in various areas of the economy which includes transport, healthcare, education, agriculture and e-commerce.


 - Kazpost will train the public on the modern digital trends such as e-commerce and the ‘Government for Citizens’ service. The public will be taught on using the Government services electronically. The corporation will also train the public on how to receive electronic digital signature and the correct way of using the service. This is all about protecting the public’s data.

The e-Government (e-Gov) is a successful example of the introduction of information technology in the public sector. Kazakhs can perform hundreds of operations remotely using the e-Gov service. Over the next five years, 80 per cent of Government services can be accessed electronically. According to experts, digital transformation is a worldwide trend today. The introduction of digital innovations into everyday life fundamentally changes the economies of countries. The experts will discuss the technological transition and other digital issues at the Global Challenges Summit 2018.

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