Who will come to AEF 2018? - Kazakh TV

The Global Challenges Summit 2018 will be attended by an unprecedented number of experts. 500 foreign guests and speakers from over twenty countries have confirmed their participation. The attendees are well-known politicians, scientists and economists, journalists and public figures, representatives of international organizations, financial institutions and world business elite. 

American inventor, engineer, programmer and co-founder of Apple Computer, Inc. Stephen Wozniak has confirmed his participation in the forum. In 1976, together with Ronald Wayne and Steve Jobs, he started a computer revolution and thus defined the development of the tech industry. Steve Wozniak holds ten Honorary Doctor of Engineering degrees by the world’s leading universities.  


Another speaker at the Astana Economic Forum, Ban Ki-moon served as the eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations. He is a passionate diplomat with over forty-years experience. He has put great effort in solving climate change and promoting peace in the world.


Former President of France, Francois Hollande will also participate as a speaker at the forum. He conducted important reforms in France which contributed to strengthening the competitiveness and growth of the French economy. Under Hollande’s presidency, a global climate agreement was adopted in Paris in December 2015.


Michio Kaku is an American physicist of Japanese origin. He is one of the authors of string theory and modern concepts on the structure of the universe. As the author of numerous books, he says that his main goal is to convey complex scientific theories to a reader in a plain language in order to present the surrounding world in a more understandable way.


British gerontologist, chairperson and chief science officer at SENS Research Foundation, Aubrey de Gray will also visit the Global Challenges Summit 2018. He is the author of popular science book "Ending Aging" which discusses in detail the important topics of medicine for humanity.

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