EXPO 2017 в Астане на телеканале KAZAKH TV
The transformation of the Astana Economic Forum, Eurasia’s leading conference on economic matters, into the The Global Challenges Summit well demonstrates Kazakhstan's new status in the international discourse on the opportunities and risks presented by planetary development. Astana’s successful organization of the "Energy of the Future" World EXPO 2017 served as the backdrop against which Kazakhstan announced its large-scale “Third Modernization”, geared towards pushing the country into the top 30 of the world's strongest economies by means of breakthroughs in innovative development, the implementation of bold institutional reforms, and extensive international integration.

A new unprecedented spiral of technological revolution at the beginning of the 21st century has created dozens of megatrends that are changing the world in ways that dramatically impact every country, business and individual human being on the planet. Economic growth and resource resilience, digitalization and urbanization, longevity and the financial revolution, global security and cultural change – these are the global trends that form the basis for the programme focus of the The Global Challenges Summit to bring together in mid-May in Astana hundreds of speakers drawn from the ranks of the most prominent politicians, businessmen and scholars, along with the thousands of experts taking part in the forum.

Can states improve market mechanisms and heighten the efficiency of the world economic system?
Slowdown in the world economy. A trend or abnormality?
Galloping growth in inequality. Combating financial segregation
China. 'Enfant terrible' or a how-to guide for the world?

The ever-accelerating pace of global change requires new solutions, but will traditional strategies be appropriate for these?
Optimal limits to the state sector. How can the state’s share in the economy be reduced?
The third modernisation of Kazakhstan. How to Integrate into new markets?
General clean-up. Space, oceans, atmosphere and incentives for a global clean-up

The future of man lies in the city, but the cities are not yet ready to take in all and sundry. How will technology help cities evolve?
The new engineering revolution. Technologies in urban planning projects
The return of the impossible. A vision of cities in 2050
Are the ”smart" born or made? UrbanTech in established cities and new cties
A city from scratch. Creating a successful megalopolis in the 21st century
Presentation of Human capital development ratings for Kazakhstan’s cities

How to ensure sustainable development of the global economy against the backdrop of a growing population and shortage of resources?
Presentation by the International Water Assessment Centre
The global water economy. Obstacles and to stimuli for new cooperation

Unsustainable energy will soon become a thing of the past, but are the new solutions ready?
The transition to energy efficiency housing and communal services. Looking for new economic incentives
"Green Economics". Obstacles to and stimuli for implementation
New energy accumulating technologies

Artificial intelligence will soon outstrip human capabilities and begin to development all by itself. How can we predict its behaviour, and what will we have to do if this proves impossible?
The laws of artificial intelligence. ethical and political aspects of new regulatory policies

Digitalisation is transforming institutions, business processes and daily life. How can we adapt to the new digital reality?
Eurasian digital platforms
Digitization of countries. Advanced Practices

A new financial system. How disruptive will the changes be, and when will the new financial era dawn?
Are cryptocurrency billionaires the elite of the future?
Alternative money. How should regulators react?
No place for old timers. How financial platforms are transforming

Each step of the technological revolution has a downside and brings with it a loss of anonymity. How can governments guarantee our peace of mind and protect our data from those with malicious intent?
World without privacy. The limits of transparency
Stones in a time of bombs. Dispersed terrorism

The search for a new identity and new ethics in the digital age, cyborgs, and new kinds of education. What awaits humanity in the future?
Continuous education or fusion with computers? The educational process in the 21st century
Civilisation of super heroes. Markets for affordable ”post-human" abilities

People are living longer and longer, but epidemics and diseases remain a problem. What are the tendencies for the development of medicines in this context?
Old age as a curable disease
Longevity as a new branch of the economy. The legal framework