It presents the facts from the history of our country, a few people know about and which are interesting to everybody. A series of programs, has no analogues in Kazakhstan, will open unknown pages in the history of Kazakhstan. “Reflections on history” is an educational TV series in the Kazakh and Russian languages with a distinct style. It will be fascinating to watch the programme due to unique video chronicles and design.

The photos on the wall are from Moscow. There are books and diaries, bright colours of being familiar in childhood.  "The wizard of the Emerald city" is translated in different languages. Advantures and secrets were created at this desk.

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Recent editions

The first humans of Asia

14.10.2017 05:00 973

The Tsar's fate

13.10.2017 05:05 1969

The Spy's secret of Ablaykit

05.10.2017 05:05 3246

A Free bird

15.09.2017 05:05 8028

The Woman Batyr

14.09.2017 05:05 300

Stone book of time

26.08.2017 05:05 535

The code of power

12.08.2017 05:05 352

Clear words in troubled times

05.08.2017 05:07 521