It presents the facts from the history of our country, a few people know about and which are interesting to everybody. A series of programs, has no analogues in Kazakhstan, will open unknown pages in the history of Kazakhstan. “Reflections on history” is an educational TV series in the Kazakh and Russian languages with a distinct style. It will be fascinating to watch the programme due to unique video chronicles and design.

An old akyn (an improvising poet and singer) clenched a dombra in his hands, as if it was a rifle. A blustery wind swept through poplar foliage. At this moment you could hear the whisper of tree crowns, echoes of sirens, fast beats of a metronome, crackling of old loudspeakers and reassuring verses:
"May my songs help you
At dawn, my friends. 
The citizens of Leningrad, my children!
The citizens of Leningrad, my pride!"

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