Sports news and achievements in Kazakh sports. The main goal of the programme is to support physical education and sport. The winners of sports events, Olympic champions, famous sportsmen of Kazakhstan. These are the stories of sportsmen that will forever remain in the country’s history of the sport.



  Authors: Sitora Mustaphayeva, Andrey Neklyudov.
  Operators: Kanat Toktassynov, Zhanat Bagasharov, Baurzhan Zhirenbayev.
  Directors: Andrey Neklyudov, Aidar Arystanbekov.
  Montage: Aidar Arystanbekov, Andrey Neklyudov.
  Sound: Talgat Andossov.
  Frequency: 4 programmes per month
  Running time: 20 minutes


Watch in the program:
Body culture: capoeira is a lifestyle;
Winner of International MMA tournaments Tolegen Akylbekov.

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