It presents the facts from the history of our country, a few people know about and which are interesting to everybody. A series of programs, has no analogues in Kazakhstan, will open unknown pages in the history of Kazakhstan. “Reflections on history” is an educational TV series in the Kazakh and Russian languages with a distinct style. It will be fascinating to watch the programme due to unique video chronicles and design.

Legend has it that when the great Flood water subsided, the survivors went out of the Noah's arc and saw a strange scene. There was a carpet of unusual design on the deck of the huge vessel. It was there because during the great flood ship wool had fallen on the deck and absorbed water while sheep frightened by the long journey had been shifting from one foot to another all the time. They stepped on the wool and as a result felt appeared. Although a lot of time has passed since the Flood, the technique has not changed significantly. 

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