Beauty as a form of art, as a bright phenomenon in the world. Painting, watercolor, graphics, sculpture. art and crafts. Find out more in the program “Kazart”.

The multiple colours that Dauren uses harmoniously come together adding to the main idea of the piece. Conveying the passing aspects of the picture with cold colours, he adds space and time into his works. This way, each colour finds its matching story.

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Recent editions

Variety of forms. V. Demidov

13.07.2018 01:05 2613

Dauren Dosmagambetov

24.04.2018 07:05 14624

Bolat Turgynbai

20.04.2018 01:05 556

Arman Baimuratov

21.01.2018 08:10 26750

Abduakhat Muratbayev's creation

13.01.2018 07:00 2784

Exhibition of young artists

03.01.2018 07:05 3459