Culture  delves deep into the customs and traditions of Kazakhstan. The program reports on art exhibitions, musical and cinema festivals. The guests of the show are actors, painters, musicians, film directors and artists.






There is a unique center of national values “Otbasym” operates in Astana. It aims to contribute to preservation of the national and cultural heritage of Kazakhstani people for modern Kazakh families. 

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Recent editions

Puppet master

12.10.2016 04:18 16725

Performance of Olga Kroytor

07.10.2016 10:55 1341

Raziya Khassanova

07.10.2016 10:55 1412

Carmine Barbaro

28.09.2016 04:18 1179

Regular theatrical life

08.09.2016 10:55 1195

Choir "Baiterek"

10.08.2016 04:20 1347