Astana is the city where the most ambitious plans of the world's best architects finally come true. Astana is home to the most truly breathtaking architectural buildings on the planet. These exclusive constructions do not exist anywhere else in the world. Each of these wonderfully built masterpieces draws deep curiosity of both Kazakhstan and foreign visitors.

Less than a century ago, people’s imagination about a high-tech future was expressed only on the pages of popular science journals. The idea that cities could be architectural masterpieces as well as innovative, ecological and livable places was hard to grasp.

Architects around the world searched for the answer to the question: How can we unite luxury and ecology?

Nowadays, we raise new buildings one after the other. Many of them stir people’s imagination with their unusual designs, the elegance of their décor, their high-tech and communication features, and their environmental-friendliness.

The top ten world eco-buildings include one of the masterpieces of the famed British architect Norman Foster. It is a shopping and entertainment center in the capital of Kazakhstan – the Khan Shatyr. The building is the largest tent in the world – a distinction that has put it in the Guinness Book of Records. shatr

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