In the conditions of world globalization Kazakhstan for years of sovereignty managed to line up politics of development of external connections. It is based on an effective collaboration with a number of international organizations.  for past years it initiated and realized quite a bit of political, economical and social meaningful projects. This project informs about effectiveness of projects of collaboration between Kazakhstan and international organizations.

Since ancient times people were going on trips with a variety of missions: fact-finding, scientific, commercial, diplomatic, military and other missions.

All these travelers needed certain services from the local population, for example, in housing and food.

It is believed that the term "tourism" itself appeared only in the XIX century, along with the first enterprises for the production of tour services.

Today, more than one billion people travel annually to foreign countries. Thanks to this, tourism has become one of the leading sectors of the world economy.

It accounts for 10% of global GDP and 6% of total world export. According to the World Tourism Organization, each 11th working place in the world is connected to tourism.

Thus, the development of this industry can influence the economic and sustainable growth of many countries.

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