Travel crew shows the most representative natural landscape zones of Kazakhstan, and also tells the educational and useful information for tourists and lovers of outdoor activities.

Is it possible to cross the sea bottom on a camel’s back?  How to find shark teeth on a small riverbank?  What Baydibek Biy did to unite Kazakh people?  What is the difference between Small and Big Karatau? Why Kyzylkol Lake was included into in the list of key ornithological sites?

Who are the Five Great Mothers?  How legendary BabA Tukti won the winged Peri’s heart?  What kind of fish live in the rivers and lakes of Karatau?  How to cross a snow-covered pass?  What is Zhualinsk Valley famous for?  The participants of the “Outdoor KZ-2017” TV Expedition decided to find answers to these and some other questions.

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