The broader the exploration of the past of Central Asia, the more prominent is the role of this region in the history of world culture. The achievements of scientists, writers, artists and architects of Central Asia from the Middle Ages were recognized for a long time, but only recently it became clear that the foundation of this brilliant civilization was the local cultures of the epoch of antiquity.

We offer the audience a documentary series called "Central Asian Civilizations". Speeches from experts, analysis of scientists, modelling of various situations will make it possible to understand the difficult vicissitudes of the history of Central Asia. The capabilities of computer graphics will help to visually see the nuances of everyday life, equipment, combat statutes and constructions of nomads. The use of stuntmen, suits, armour and weapons of that time will give an idea of the ethnographic model of nomads.

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Khorezm, Sogd, Bactria, Parthia

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Ancient Bactria

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