The wild world of Kazakhstan. How much it is fragile, handsome and unexplored. Our country is one of the fewest that has preserved the beauty of wildlife almost untouched. The mountains, steppes and forests are full of wild animals. The plant and animal world amazes the imagination of even the most sophisticated biologists. Among all the beauty there are many endemic and endangered species. In each program we go to the photo hunting, in search of rare representatives of the flora and fauna. An experienced biologist, Yuri Alekseev, will tell about the amazing world of wildlife.

Recent editions

Transcaspian desert monitor

29.10.2017 21:30 29866

Common apricot

22.10.2017 15:30 2166

Wildfire of Dzungar Alatau

15.10.2017 15:30 1917

Bear paths in Kazakhstan

01.10.2017 15:30 2565

Birds of Kazakhstan lakes

02.08.2017 05:05 2198

Rare flowers of Kazakhstan

12.07.2017 05:05 637

Uncommon birds of Kazakhstan

20.06.2017 05:08 568