TV channel Kazakh TV JSC «Khabar» Agency» offers a partnership to production companies in the production of television projects.


Projects should be interest to Kazakhstani and foreign audiences.


We are interested in the following genres:

1.      Information-analytical;

2.      Cultural-cognitive;

3.      Documental;

4.      Reality-show;

5.      Publicism;

6.      Branding videos.


Each project will be reviewed by Arts Council of  JSC «Khabar» Agency».


Projects need to formalize as follow:

1. Detailed concept of the proposed project (stating the purpose and objectives, genre, chronometry, the target audience);

2. Extended synopsis of scenario plan;

3. Portfolio;

4. Information about creative staff (presenter, producer, director, screenwriter, editor);

5. A pilot project of TV material (by the request of Arts Council).


Send the projects to the following e-mail:

Тел: +7 (7172) 553-451

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