KAZAKH TV is Kazakhstan’s first national satellite TV channel. It is part of 'Khabar Agency', one of the largest media holdings in the country.

KAZAKH TV broadcasts to 118 countries, four continents through the HotBird 13B, Galaxy 19 and AsiaSat 5 satellites. The content is 100% domestic production. The current KAZAKH TV audience is more than 300 million viewers. The programs are presented in several thematic areas and cover such spheres as culture, traditions, history, tourism and investment opportunities of Kazakhstan.

The channel began broadcasting on October 25, 2002 under the name 'Caspionet'. It was renamed to 'Kazakh TV' on September 1, 2012 and started promoting the image of Kazakhstan. In October, 2016, after the merger of the contents of 'Kazakh TV' and 'Bilim zhane Madeniet' channels, the channel continued broadcasting under the single KAZAKH TV brand.

Since November 16, 2017, KAZAKH TV has switched to a new format - multi-channel broadcasting with audio in Kazakh, Russian and English.

The multichannel signal allows each digital TV subscriber to select a preferred language of the above listed. In the new format, the channel broadcasts around the clock in Kazakhstan and abroad.

Previously, KAZAKH TV broadcasted in language blocks in the ratio of 50% in the Kazakh and 50% in Russian or English. The language blocks used to change every 3 hours. The change in the broadcasting format became a new stage in the development of the television industry in Kazakhstan, boosted the channel's competitiveness on the international television market and the interest of operators of cable and satellite networks.

A full English soundtrack will let the channel expand the foreign audience and present our unique country, its culture, history, tourism and investment attractiveness abroad.